The Multicultural Real Estate Alliance for Urban Change



About Us

The Multicultural Real Estate Alliance for Urban Change is a non-profit 501(c)(3) California Corporation comprised of Realtors, Realtist, lenders, title representatives, escrow officers, civic representatives and other real estate professionals and affiliates interested in the betterment of OUR community.  The Alliance is engaged in providing education, information and works as advocates for the community.  The area we serve is South Los Angeles area.

             The Alliance Opens Doors to Home Ownership

The Multicultural Alliance for Urban Change, along with many other participating community partners, takes a proactive approach to homeownership by raising the awareness, interest, and access to local residents.                                             


The Alliance was formed in the spring of 1992 by members of the real estate industry from throughout the diverse neighborhoods of the Los Angeles region coming together to identify mutual objectives. Our goals:

  • To stop redlining in loans and insurance.

  • To increase and maintain homeownership opportunities through education, literacy programs and to stabilize and rejuvenate the community.

  • To prevent predatory lending practices thereby reducing foreclosures, delinquencies and evictions.

  • To educate and council the community to avoid foreclosure situations.

  • To increase economic development and growth in the community.







Membership Dues   

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